Emmanuel Stratakis & Costas Fotakis
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Emmanuel Stratakis 

Dr. Emmanuel Stratakis is a Research Director at the Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser (IESL) of the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH), where he is leading the “Ultrafast Laser Micro- and Nano- processing” laboratory. He received his Ph.D. in Physics in 2001 from the University of Crete. He has been a Visiting Scientist at the University of California Berkeley in the fall semesters of 2006 and 2008. He has over 220 SCI publications and more than 8000 citations, h-index=48 (Scopus), and he has coordinated many National and EU grants. He has delivered more than 40 invited and keynote lectures and has been organizer and chair in major international scientific conferences. He has been an Editor of the  journals Opto-electronic Advances, Materials Today (Bio), Applied Sciences and International Journal of molecular Sciences. Since 2015, he is the Director of the European Nanoscience Facility of FORTH, part of the NFFA-Europe EU Infrastructure, where he is a member of the General Assembly. He is a National expert in the High-Level Group of EU on Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology, Advanced Manufacturing and Processing. He is a member of the Scientific Committee of COST. Since January 2020 he is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Biomimetic.

Costas Fotakis

Costas Fotakis is currently Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of Crete and Distinguished Member of the Foundation Organization for Research and Technology (FORTH). He has served as Alternate Minister for Greek Research and Innovation from January 2015 till July 2019. During this time, he designed and implemented Research and Innovation policies in Greece and participated in the EU Research Ministers Council.

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