26-29 June 2018

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First step: Submit your abstract and manuscript to AOMATT

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Second step: Submit your manuscript to Myspie

Importance!!***After the manuscript paper have been accepted by to AOMATT, the author should submit this manuscript paper to mySPIE with paper number (Tabfor publication, and the organizer will tell the author how to link (as following):

SPIE manuscript submission wizard_2018.pdf

The manuscript paper have fixed format that the athor must be obeyed, seeing sample manusctipt.

Sample Manuscript.pdf

SPIE link:

Conference 1: Large Mirror and Telescopes

Conference 2: Advanced Optical Manufacturing Technology   

Conference 3: Optical Test, Measurement Technology and Equipment   

Conference 4:  Micro and Nano Optics and Subwavelength Electromagnetics

Conference 5:  Advanced Lithography and Patterning Techniques

Conference 6-7:  Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Applications

Conference 8-9:  Flexible Optoelectronic Material and Devices: Design, Fabrication, and Applications  

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