26-29 June 2018

China • Chengdu 世纪新城国际会议中心

Invited Speakers


Title: High-performance flexible electronics based on carbon nanotubes



As the information processing part in flexible integrated systems, there are several basic requirements for the integrated circuits (ICs) in addition to flexibility, including high speed, low power consumption, medium to large scale integration, etc. Currently there is no solution that can meets all the requirements. Here we present our recent progress in high performance flexible thin film transistors based on carbon nanotube (CNT). The transistors exbit large on-state current, high mobility (>80 cm2V-1s-1), small subthreshold slop (<70 mVdec-1), and large current on/off ratio, all with an operating voltages of 2 V. The developed fabrication approach presents high yield and the transistors’ performances are highly uniform with well controlled threshold voltage distribution, which enable the realization of various logic gates on flexible substrate. Finally, an integrated smart sensor system with in-situ signal processing capbility for human body monitoring based on CNT was demonstrated.

Keywords: flexible electronics; carbon nanotubes



Youfan Hu, researcher of Hundred-Talent Program (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor and doctoral supervisor of Peking University. She received her postdoctoral degree in Georgia Institute of Technology in 2011 and then worked here as a research scientist until 2014. Her current research interest is flexible transparent electronic device and its multifunctional integrated system.

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