26-29 June 2018

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Conference 1: Large Mirror and Telescopes

The theme of this conference is mainly about the research of large telescope and primary mirror, including the testing and manufacturing technology of primary mirror, the development and application of new materials, the related technologies of telescope, etc. The goal of this topic is to develop high-resolution astronomical telescopes and space telescopes, especially to develop the primary mirrors in telescope. This conference is to exchange the latest progresses and breakthroughs in the field of telescope, and discuss the application of new materials, new manufacturing and testing technologies of primary mirror. This topic is mainly divided into the following parts: large astronomical telescope and space telescope, light-weight mirror technology, deployable primary mirror and telescope, the testing and manufacturing technology of large primary mirror, supporting structure and system of primary mirror, new material of primary mirror.

l  Mirrors for large astronomical and space telescopes

l  Light-weighted mirror technology

l  Large deployable mirror and telescopes

l  New and innovative mirror and telescope designs

l  Advanced testing methods for large mirror

l  Support systems and structures

l  New material for large mirrors

l  Innovative concepts and designs


Conference 2: Advanced Optical Manufacturing Technologies

Advanced optical manufacturing is a technology using computer and precise machine with the help of optical CAD, digital optical measurement, etc., to manufacture optical components and systems in high-efficiency, low-cost and high-accuracy level.This conference chapter refers to optical design, ultra-precision optical processing, optical coating and opto-mechanical integration, especially, ultra-precision polishing technology with nanometer accuracy. This chapter is to exchange the latest development and breakthrough in manufacturing technology and discuss optical design, processing and integration. This chapter is mainly includes 12 sessions:

Advanced optical manufacturing technology, Aspheric design, processing and metrology, High-precision freeform surface design, machining and metrology, Ultra-precision optical processing,Optical thin film technology, Advanced diamond polishing technology, Magnetorheological optical processing, Advanced ion beam refinement and plasma technology

EEM and CVM processing technology, Optical technology, simulation software and tools, Integration and manufacturing of optoelectronic components,Opto-mechanical components and equipment.

l  Advanced optical manufacturing technologies

l  Aspheric optics design, manufacturing and testing

l  Ultra-precision freeform surfaces design, manufacturing and Testing

l  Super-precision optical manufacturing

l  Optical thin film coatings

l  Advanced diamond turning technology

l  Magnetorheological optical processing

l  Advanced ion beam finishing and atmospheric plasma technology

l  EEM (Elastic Emission Machining) and CVM (Chemical Vaporization Machining) processing technology for super smooth surface with atomic lever

l  Optical design and simulation software and tool

l  Optoelectronics components and modules integration and manufacturing

l  Opto-mechanical components and devices

l  Laser manufacturing technology and equipment


Conference 3: Optical Test, Measurement Technology and Equipments

Optical metrology is to gain physical quantities (profile, figure, roughness, etc) of tested object by analyzing and processing optical signal (intensity, phase and polarization, etc). Optical metrology and instrument, the foundation of modern optical engineering and industry, promotes advanced optical manufacturing technology. This chapter is focused on the latest development and the future trend in optical metrology and instrument for advanced optical manufacturing, including new theory, new principle, new technology, new method, new application and new instrument. This chapter consists of 8 sessions: freeform surface metrology, aspheric metrology, ultra-precision optical metrology, ultra-smooth surface metrology, infrared metrology, Surface-damage detector,nanometer testing, new testing technology and instrument, simulation model.

l  Test for optical freeform surface

l  Test for aspheric optical surface

l  Test for super- precision optical surface

l  Measurement for super smooth surface

l  Measurement of optical thin film

l  Test with infrared technologies

l  Optical contamination

l  Optical test and measurement for nanometer technology

l  New and innovative metrology and equipment

l  Analysis and modeling tools and software


Conference 4: Micro/Nano Optics and Subwavelength Electromagnetics

This conference chapter refers to the study of various novel features of light at the micro-nanometer scale, including the generation, propagation, modulation, conversion and detection of light. The research objection of this conference chapter is to manipulate and control photons at micro-nanometer scale, and develop optical devices with all-light integration, small footprint, high integration, fast speed and low-energy consumption, which could provide physical platform and technical support for the next generation of information technology. The goal of this chapter is to exchange recent development and breakthrough in the micro-nano optics, including the fundamental physics governing their operation, the device design and fabrication, the novel application. This conference chapter manly include seven session parts:

l  Micro/Nano manufacturing technology

l  Super-resolution imaging and high sensitivity sensing

l  Surface plasmons and metamaterials

l  Metasurfaces and plane optics

l  Nonlinearity, quantum and topological optics

l  Subwavelength electromagnetic

l  Fiber-optic waveguide microstructure


Conference 5: Meta Surface-wave and Surface Plasmon Lithography

Recentlyextraordinary electromagnetic wave phenomena associated with noble metalssemiconductors and subwavelength structures inspired a great deal of interests, like enhanced optical transmission, light beaming, directional light propagation, localized light enhancement, Fano resonances. Deep investigations reveal that those abnormal behaviors are usually resulted from the specific surface and/or localized electromagnetic wave modes, such as surface plasmon polaritons, localized surface plasmons and bloch waves, which could be generally termed as metasurface waves. The mechanisms and principles behind those behaviors help us to engineer complex light features in subwavelength scale, including wavevector, amplitude, phase, angular momentum and spectrum, simply by actively and passively manipulate geometrical structures and materials properties. Those methods were further utilized to design a great number of artificial materials and devices with variant innovative functionalities, like negative refraction materials, perfect lens, perfect light absorption, invisible cloaks, vector beams and surface enhanced Raman spectrum, which have been applied in super resolution imaging, sub-diffraction optical lithography, ultra-thin absorbers and planar subwavelength antennas etc. In this conference, we cordially invite researchers in those areas to present their latest investigation results, share and enjoy achievements, discuss and preview future developments and applications.

l  Super-resolution imaging

l  Super-resolution lithography

l  Vectorial electromagnetic manipulation

l  Ultra-thin absorption

l  Metasurface antenna

l  Liquid crystal based light control technology


Conference 6: Extreme Manufacturing Technology

Extreme manufacturing technologies focus on the manufacturing structures, devices and systems with extreme dimensions and properties under extreme conditions, including micro/nanoscale manufacturing, ultra-precision manufacturing, complexed manufacturing and giant system manufacturing. The advances of laser technology and its integration with the other advanced manufacturing technologies lead to the generation of various advanced technologies for the manufacturing of functional micro/nanoscale, giant scale and complexed structures, ultra-precision manufacturing and so on. Furthermore, the emergent technologies including complex energy source manufacturing, four dimensional printing technology as well as manufacturing in orbit will expand the applications of extreme manufacturing technology.

l  Manufacturing with extreme condition

l  Manufacturing for extreme scale

l  Manufacturing with complex energy source

l  Manufacturing for complex structures

l  Manufacturing in orbit (zero-gravity)

l  4-dimension printing technology

l  Application of extreme manufacturing


Conference 7: Innovative Manufacturing Technology

The theme of this conference is mainly about the innovative manufacturing technology, including biological manufacturing, multi-scale manufacturing, flexible manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, bionic manufacturing, virtual fusion manufacturing and green manufacturing. The goal of this topic is to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of innovative manufacturing technologies. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of innovative and disruptive manufacturing technologies.

l  Biological manufacturing

l  Multi-scale manufacturing

l  Flexible manufacturing

l  Intelligent manufacturing

l  Bionic manufacturing

l  Virtual fusion manufacturing

l  Green manufacturing


Conference 8: Flexible Materials and Devices

Recent progresses in materials development, device engineering and mechanical design have given birth to photonic materials, devices and systems with unconventional functionalities such as mechanical flexibility, biocompatibility and resorbability. These novel features facilitate the integration of photonic and electronic devices with soft, elastic and/or curved substrates for various biomedical applications. Innovative material design and device architectures are being actively pursued to address the challenges associated with the multifunctional integration of organic/inorganic photonic components with various biological systems. Latest scientific and technical advances have broadened the palette of materials which spans from organic polymers to semiconductors, metals, ceramics, glasses, and hybrid materials across different structural hierarchies and length scales. Innovative processing and assembly, based on a clever combination of these new materials, have enabled a wide spectrum of optoelectronic devices like waveguides, LEDs, photodetectors and lasers to be integrated onto wearable and implantable platforms by leveraging non-classical fabrication methods include advanced 3D manufacturing, transfer printing, nanolithography and self-assembly. These bio-integrated systems open up emerging application venues include but are not limited to epidermal sensors, optogenetic probes, and implantable transient devices. This symposium provides a forum to discuss various approaches to realize advanced high performance flexible photonic materials, devices and systems. It will focus on functional material design, characterization and their applications in photonic devices for wearable and bio-implantable applications. The presentations and invited talks cover interdisciplinary fields including materials science, physics, chemistry, biology, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

l  Flexible, stretchable and curved optoelectronic devices and systems

l  Wearable devices

l  Implantable devices

l  Degradabie devices

l  Bio-inspired and bio-mimetic devices

l  Optical neural interfaces

l  Optoelectronic devices for biomedical systems


Conference 9: Optoelectronic Materials and Devices for Sensing and Imaging

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