Qihuang Gong

Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Fellow of OSA, IOP, COS; Chairman of the Chinese Optical Society (COS); Vice President of Peking University

QI-HUANG GONG, Vice President of Peking University, Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, concurrently a Member of the Standing Committee of the Ninth National Committee of the China Association for Science and Technology, Vice President of the International Commission for Optics (ICO), President of COS, and Vice President of CPS. He is also a Fellow of OSA, IoP and COS.
      Prof. Gong has been in charge of a number of national research projects and teams such as the “Mesoscopic Optics and Femtosecond Physics Innovation Research Team” of the National Science Foundation Committee, the National major scientific instrumentation project “Optical Experimental System for Femtosecond-Nano scale temporal-spatial resolution”, and the “Extreme Optics Innovation Research Team” of the Ministry of Science and Technology. 
      Prof. Gong has been working on nonlinear and quantum optics, micro- and nanophotonics. He has published more than 500 papers in Science, Nature Photonics, Nature Physics, Physics Reports and Physical Review Letters, etc. His research team focuses on the areas of:
(1) Mesoscopic quantum optics and optical quantum chips;
(2) Optics and Optoelectronics beyond the classic limit
(3) Ultra-fast measurement of quantum states and light field control